Skales releases new single ‘Don’t Say Much’ ahead of upcoming EP

Following the release of the remix of his exciting single ‘Koni Baje’ with Rotimi and the high-energy anthem “As I Wake Up,” he graces us with ‘Don’t Say Much’ from his forthcoming EP, ‘Proof of Life.’ This song mirrors Skales’ ambition and unshakable self-confidence.

Speaking about on his new single, Skales shared “The story is really the story of work and keep short, just get your things done and you know that your way is always supreme, you know whatever you believe is great for yourself. Should be what you’re focused on instead of living your whole dreams and following somebody else.”

Produced by David Acekeyz, ‘Don’t Say Much’ arrives as the ultimate precursor to Skales’ eagerly awaited ‘Proof of Life’ EP, scheduled for an October release. This song goes beyond music; it’s a mirror reflecting Skales’ path.

Skales’s upcoming EP will reflect his artistic journey as a resilient artist who has continued to stay relevant despite the many challenges he faced. The EP would also showcase the versatility with which he effortlessly explores various musical genres.



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