Here are 10 unforgettable Street hit songs [Afrobeats Throwback]

Throughout different eras of Afrobeats, there have been artists whose talent is forged by the reality of the street. These artists make music whose components be it in language, delivery, and production convey the bubbling spirit, electrifying passion, coarse leanings, and underlying stories of inner-city realities.

By Street hit we aren’t referring to Nigerian mainstream (Pop, Hip Hop, Gospel, Indigenous) songs with street acceptance and popularity. Instead, we are referring to the type of music that came out of the inner city and was sonically different from Western music-influenced Pop music.

Street music refers to Konto, the hybrid of Dancehall and Indigenous music (Highlife, Ogele, and Local groove music) that came out of Ajegunle in Lagos State and influenced other creative locales.

Street Music refers to the blend of Indigenous music (Fuji, Apala, Highlife), with Gospel music, and Hip Hop.

The underlying factor of street music is the use of street language (lamba), the addition of notable local elements, and a style that while similar doesn’t conform to the pattern of Western mainstream imports like Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop music.

The above is what we mean when we say Street music.

These Street acts have contributed a huge part to the commercial success of Afrobeats through timeless hit songs that swept across different parts of the country. Years after their release, these songs offer an insight into the evolution of Nigerian music while also serving as evergreen party-starters.

Here are 10 unforgettable street songs

  1. Duncan Mighty – ‘Akonuche’ (2017)


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