Orji Kalu: northern group expects justice , fairness at the Appeal Court

The Northeast Elders and Youths Peoples Forum NEEPYF has expressed confidence that former Governor of Abia State Senator Orji Uzor Kalu will get justice before the Court of appeal despite alleged clique of politicians who are bent to bring him down.

Chairman of the group Alhaji Salisu Magaji stated this on Tuesday in Bauchi when he addressed a press Conference.

“Our attention was drawn to the allegations made by Senator Elisha Abbo who represents Adamawa north that the President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio was behind the ruling of the Appeal Court which terminated his tenure abruptly in the Senate yesterday,” the NEEPYF Chairman said.

“Abbo alleged that four other senators have been penciled down for similar removal by the court of appeal.

“Senator Orji Uzor Kalu (APC Abia North) is the next target of the planned ‘coup’ against five senators from the Senate by its leadership. The ‘sin’ of the other four other senators is that they opposed the emergence of the leadership of the 10th Senate in June.”

Magaji said Nigerians are watching and expect nothing from the Appeal Court except Justice and fairness saying with Justice and fairness Kalu will win as he won in the lower Tribunal.

“The essence of democracy lies not only in our ability to vote but also in our capacity to defend the integrity of that vote, as we remain confident of getting substantial justice at the appellate courts,” he said.

“The ultimate victory may take time to come our way, but it is, we strongly believe inevitable as we have come to understand that the wheels of justice may sometimes grind slowly but it definitely grinds to a sure end.

The judiciary needs to please remain the last hope of the common man.

“President Bola Tinubu must do something urgently because this is not the democracy he fought for and should please lead in protecting it.

“lf it’s true that the judiciary is being used by some people to achieve their selfishness, it’s unfortunate because their action will destroy our herd, -earned democracy.”

Magaji called on President Tinubu as one of those who fought for democracy, he must do all he could to ensure the respect for the rule of law.

“We know him Tinubu as a pillar and vanguard of democracy will do hus best to ensure that the democracy he fought for during the military rule is not the one being practiced at the moment because bad eggs among the politicians are trying to destroy, he most of everything to salvage the situation as a democracy.”

Magaji said northern groups were drumming support for Orji UO Kalu because they found him worthy to deliver good governance to the nation as he is a detribalized Nigerian.

He said that credibility, honesty, and the capacity to deliver endeared Kalu to many Nigerians especially northerners because he had deep relationships, with people and he didn’t disappoint in any of these relations.

“Kalu is always straight forward person whatever he says, he will do, and whatever he says he will not do, he will not do it. he is always sincere to Nigerians, and Nigerians are sincere to him, he said.

The Chairman described Kalu as a presidential material with experience in the private sector, executive and legislative arms of government. He said it was suprising the way the present leadership in the senate is doing everything possible to bury him we will not agree.

“We are appealing loudly to court of appeal to respect the wishes of the electorates. Don does anything that will rob the Abia north senatorial zone electoral. wishes. We are demanding for fair and impartial judgement,” Magaji said.


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