CSU saga: Those questioning Obi’s qualifications mischievous -LP

The Abure-led Labour Party (LP) has berated those questioning the academic credentials of its presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, branding them as being mischievous and dubious.

The party stated this at a press conference by Dr. Yunusa Tanko, chief spokesperson for the Obi-Datti Media in Abuja.

Following Obi’s request that President Bola Tinubu address the claims of certificate fraud against him, Abayomi Arabambi, the national publicity secretary of the Lamidi Apapa-led section of the Labour Party, alleged inconsistencies in the former governor of Anambra State’s credentials.

In response, Tanko stated that Obi was a man whose reputation they were trying to damage but had not discovered anything negative about him, so they had turned to making up lies and fabrications.

“Some political hirelings, buccaneers indulging in menial work of character assassination have lately been let loose dubiously ostensibly to soil the name of our Presidential candidate, Peter Obi. At the forefront of these malicious hatchet jobbers, is Dr Abayomi Arambabi, who dubiously continues even to identify himself as a member and Publicity Secretary of Labour Party when he knows he is not a member of the party.”

The spokesperson said that everything regarding fictionalization and the party’s crisis had been put to rest as a result of many rulings from the Supreme Court of Nigeria involving the Labour Party.

However, he pointed out that, to the party’s greatest surprise, numerous media outlets continued to refer to expelled non-members of the party as members in an effort to unnecessarily and unsuccessfully cast doubt on the party.

“Chief Lamidi Apapa and Arambabi have been going about merchandising with the name of the party and endlessly castigating our flag bearer who we are proud to say is the most popular and loved Nigerian politician today.”

He noted that as they go about using the name of the party, none of them has said anything positive about Obi as their Presidential candidate of the party they claim to speak for.

“Instead, they have even been more vociferous against Peter Obi than their sponsors, yet they claim they are of the Labour Party. Is it not time the media houses blacklist them for wearing the devil’s coat and speaking on the saint’s platform. None of them or their family members voted for Peter Obi. Is it not yet time they leave him alone and look for another thing to say?”

He further said that Arambabi claims that Obi was after his life was a laughable allegation.

“Obi’s harmless disposition to politics and his non-violent posture even in extreme provocation like the blatant stealing of his mandate in cohort with INEC is apparent to make the dismissal of such wild and unsubstantiated accusations baseless.”

He, therefore, urged the public to view Arabambi as an imposter and his claims as expressions of frustration.



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