Taraba: Why we boycotted kingmakers meeting – Kuteb ethnic group

The Kuteb ethnic group in the Takum Local Government Area of Taraba State has revealed why it boycotted the recent kingmakers meeting organized by the Bureau for Traditions, Chieftaincy and Local Government Affairs.

Recall that the ethnic group recently opted to boycott a recent meeting convened by the bureau in Jalingo, the state capital.

Addressing journalists in Jalingo on Wednesday, the Kuteb Yatso of Nigeria expressed their staunch opposition to the meeting, denouncing it as unacceptable.

Led by their President, Emmanuel Ukwen, the group asserted that the bureau’s decision to convene such a gathering was contrary to their customs and traditions.

“We unanimously boycotted the meeting because it is against our culture and tradition to exchange the Ukwe Takum stool for an alien chief of Takum stool created by Governor Agbu Kafes with a strange rotation policy,” they said.

The group demanded transparency from the governor regarding the rationale behind the decision, questioning why the Ukwe Takum stool should be undermined as a consequence of political dynamics.

They refuted claims that their non-participation in the Jalingo selection process was an act of defiance, asserting that it was a principled stand against what they view as unjust rotational chieftaincy practices in Takum.

The Kuteb accused the government of perpetrating injustice against its own people by eroding their cultural and traditional heritage within their own territory.

The boycott, they said, serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing tension between governance structures and indigenous communities grappling to preserve their identity and autonomy in the face of perceived encroachment.


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