Stakeholders establish transition committee to address leadership vacuum in LP

Labour Party (LP) stakeholders have established a transition committee tasked with organizing an all-inclusive national convention within the next three months in a bid to address the leadership vacuum and reconcile differences within the party.

The decision was made during a stakeholders’ meeting convened by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) political commission. The meeting aimed to devise strategies for resolving the ongoing leadership conflict within the LP.

According to the communiqué issued at the conclusion of the meeting, the stakeholders unanimously accepted the recommendations put forth by the NLC political commission, demonstrating a commitment to repositioning the party as more than just an electoral platform but as a viable political entity serving the interests of Nigerian workers.

The transition committee, under the leadership of the NLC political commission, is “charged with establishing party structures at various levels, from national to ward, to facilitate the conduct of an expansive and all-inclusive national convention.”

Furthermore, the stakeholders passed a vote of no confidence in the recent LP national convention held in Nnewi, Anambra State, dismissing its outcomes as inconsequential. They also resolved to petition the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and relevant security agencies, urging them to recognize the transition committee as the interim leadership of the Labour Party until the intended national convention is conducted.

The statement added that the transition committee’s responsibilities extend beyond organisational matters as it is mandated to, “immediately set up an assets recovery process of all the properties of the Labour Party.

“The transition committee shall also ensure all the cases of fraud, impersonation, and forgery of government documents pending against a few discredited former officers of the Labour Party are forensically audited, and culprits are diligently prosecuted as demanded by the leader of the party, Peter Obi.”

The stakeholders emphasised the importance of an inclusive convention process, envisioning a mobilisation effort that aims to garner membership strength of 10 million Labour Party card-carrying members.

“The transition committee is mandated by the stakeholders’ meeting to begin the process of revalidation of current members of the Labour Party and the registration of new members through the issuance of new membership cards and receipt of membership dues for the purpose of the conduct of an all-inclusive and expansive national convention of the Labour Party.

“It is expected that this mobilization drive will yield in the first instance a total membership strength of 10 million Labour Party card-carrying members drawn from across all workplaces, marketplaces, professional groups, ethnic, and religious organizations that Nigerian workers and people belong to.”




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