Soludo’s visit to Olumbanasa devoid of politics – APGA media chief

Away from political showmanship, the recent visit of Governor Chukwuma Soludo to the interior parts of Olumbanasa in Anambra West riding on a tricycle, bike and speed boat was a pure display of the fact that he can go to any length to bring peace and transformation to the nooks and crannies of Anambra State.

National Coordinator, All Progressives Grand Alliance Media Warriors Forum, Evang. Chinedu Obigwe who made the above clarification in a statement in Awka on Wednesday said Governor Soludo is a man that does things for the good of the masses and not just to play politics.

Obigwe said that it is a common sight to see Nigerian politicians ride in a tricycle or Okada during campaign period, but such cannot be associated with Governor Soludo whom he said does not shy away from telling people that he is not a typical Nigerian politician.

He disclosed that Soludo went to Olumbanasa for a serious assignment that has to do with the signing of a peace accord between two warring communities of Alla, Onu-gwa and Odekpe.

“The fact remains that to bring everlasting peace to these warring communities, Governor Soludo decided to put his life on the line for them by being physically present to witness the signing of the peace accord.

“Another thing is that Governor Soludo is a man that loves seeing things by himself hence his reason for deciding to go personally and see with his two eyes the condition of the displaced people of Alla and Onu-gwa communities.

“It is on record no Governor since the history of Anambra State creation deemed it necessary to pay a visit to these warring communities. What most Governors would have done is to send a representative to visit them. Governor Soludo embarked on the peace mission in company of Bishop Denis Isizor and some of his appointees,” he said.

He disclosed that the displaced people of Alla presented their demands to the Governor, and he promised to do it for them to enable them to return to their father land.

“He promised to build Holding camps for the displaced people of Alla and Onu-gwa to enable them to return to their father land. He also promised to build Health center , school and place of worship for them. He further promised to provide water and solar energy powered electricity for them. Governor Soludo’s promise can be likened to an open cheque and what I mean by this is that he cannot be associated with promise and fail. He will fulfil the promise he made to the warring communities of Olumbanasa.”

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