Nigeria’ll collapse if not restructured –ABC Nwosu

Professor ABC Nwosu is not new in Nigeria politics and Igbo affairs. He served as commissioner in the old Anambra State and a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria during the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo. In this interview, Nwosu speaks on restructuring, insecurity, the 2023 presidential elections, among others.


You’ve always argued that Nigeria not yet a country. Do you still hold that view?

Some years ago, I granted an interview to a national newspaper where I said Nigeria is a lie. I still stand by that interview. The name Federal Republic of Nigeria is a lie. We’re not a federation; we are a quasi-unitary state. That’s why some silly persons refer to component units as subnational governments. I wish they used it when founding fathers were alive. They forget that there were ministers at the regions. They came together and negotiated a Federal structure. Ahmadu Bello sent his third in command, Tarawa Belewa to go and be in charge at the centre. The 1999 Constitution is a liar and it not a Constitution of the people. We’re not a nation. We’re struggling to be a country. We’re made up of ethnic groups. Nigeria is yet to emerge. We’re being told to be patriotic. To who? To a country that doesn’t guarantee the welfare and protection of its people? If we want Nigerians to be patriotic, we must be patriotic to Nigerians. We should rely on the second stanza of the National Anthem. Nigerians should have the right to life and liberty. Truth exists. Only falsehood has to be invented.

Are you arguing that Nigerians should be loyal to the country?

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