Importers beg Tinubu to reduce import duties

Automobile manufacturers and importers association in Nnewi, Anambra State, has cried out over what it described as the Federal Government’s steady increase in customs duties.

President of the association, Austin Jideofor, told Daily Sun in Nnewi, yesterday, that the continuous rise in customs duties has been responsible for hardship in the country with its negative consequences on the final consumers.

“Look at the exchange rate which was N650 per dollar in the last (Buhari’s) administration and we were crying. Look at it now getting above N1,500 per dollar. How can we solve this problem?

“A motorcycle Tyre last year was around N9,000 per one but now as I am talking to you, the price is N19,000 per one. That is how the prices of other things are also increasing.

“Since we do not import contraband goods, let them give us a benchmark so that once we pay, we carry our goods. This system is corrupt,” he said.

He appeals to President Bola Tinubu to look into what he called outrageous increase in container duties which he said had been contributing to hardship across Nigeria.

Jideofor said the increase in the price of dollars should not determine the increase in import duties. He insisted import duties should not be increased based on the rise of dollars.

“As soon as Mr. President orders a halt to the increase in import duties, hardship will drop.

“Regulators are looking at the exchange rate. Nigeria is the owner of the wharf. Before now, some people were going to Cotonuo to clear their goods. We are jubilating that our refineries will soon start functioning so that the prices of petroleum products will go down.

“But the same thing will continue to happen, if the regulators look at the price of dollar to fix the petroleum products prices.

“I travelled to Iran not long ago and a friend of mine, a citizen of that country told me he was entitled to 50 litres of fuel every day because they are owners of the oil, what about Nigeria? Nigeria owns oil and they should follow the Iran example,” he said.

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