Gombe’s Governor Inuwa Yahaya backs state police

The Gombe State Governor said a situation where security agencies have their command bases situated at the nation’s capital makes it difficult for governors to exercise their powers as chief security officers of their states.

He said state police will enable state governors to tackle the security challenges in their domain.

“I believe when the bill or law passes through the National Assembly, it will have an easy passage through the state because, inadvertently, it is the states that are managing security now; every state has its own arm of security that is supporting the security agencies.

“Even though it is said that the governors are the chief security officers, the men in the command on ground, meaning the G.O.C. and the commissioner of police or any head of security agency, are only responsible to their commanders in Abuja.

“So, before an action is taken, it takes time. But, with the state police, we will be able to monitor the boss and implement any decision hastily and there will be results. That is our conviction,” he said.

However, Governor Yahaya noted that it was a constitutional matter that must pass through the process of legislation.


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