God’s anger awaits 2023 poll manipulators –Fr. Ebube Muonso

Rev. Fr. Obimma Emmanuel, popularly known as Fr. Ebube Muonso, is the Spiritual Director of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke, Anambra State. He is also the Spiritual Director of the Holy Ghost Fraternity Movement International. The notable Catholic priest speaks on a wide range of issues including the last General Elections, his involvement in charity and other religious and national matters.

You’ve not spoken since the Supreme Court affirmed the election of Sen. Bola Tinubu as the President of Nigeria. How would you describe Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election?

The 2023 presidential election, to me, is a show of shame. What I mean is that the aspiration of the people did not reflect on majority of the results announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).  This is the cause of series of subterranean agitations in Nigeria today. The agitations are not profound, though, because people are afraid not to lose their lives.

What’s your advice to the nation’s electoral body; the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), regarding future elections?

INEC should handle its affairs with caution. Let the electoral umpire understand that money and power are not everything in life. I believe so much in the Law of Karma. The measure you give is the measure you shall receive. The leadership of INEC, as far as I am concerned, has incurred the wrath of God. The weak, who are the Nigerian voters, may not do much under this circumstance; but God, who is the hope and the strength of the weak, will surely speak on their behalf. So, those that subverted the aspirations of the Nigerian voters should understand that they have incurred the anger of God upon themselves, and their children – even their generations yet unborn.

Now that the apex court has affirmed the election of President Bola Tinubu, what’s your advice to the president and the Nigerian people?

President Tinubu should understand that he is sitting on a very hot seat. He should understand that the silence of God in the present situation means a lot. When God is silent, it does not mean that He is not speaking. I am very sure that soon, very soon, the world will hear and see the outcome of God’s silence about Nigeria.  Therefore, President Tinubu should be wise in handling the affairs of Nigeria.  For the Nigerian people, I will advise them to find peace, and tighten their belts. Nigeria today is in shamble – economically, etc. Nigerians should adapt to the current unfavourable situation, and believe that in God’s own time, the country will be better than what it is now.

We learnt that you reconstructed some roads in parts of Anambra State. What informs this gesture?

I am a prophet of God, and a citizen of Anambra State. I have sympathy for the poor. I see fellow citizens and road users being trapped in traffics on daily basis. I also discover that the cause of this traffic jam is bad road network. The effort to reduce the suffering of road users made me construct and reconstruct roads. This kind of gesture does not cost much; but we neglect them; and that neglect will always cost us so much. I am not rich because, I am a priest of God; but I have hand of favour. Sometimes, when people give me huge sums of money, I will give it back to the society. Go to Obosi in Idemili North council area; go to Ukwulu in Dunukofia council area, and other places. In Ukwulu alone, Fr. Ebube Muonso is constructing three kilometers of roads. People are happy because of roads that I construct, and still constructing. Most often, natives come to me with livestock to show appreciation for what I am doing. Let me tell you; if I had one tenth of what Anambra State realizes in Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), I would use it to turn the entire state around.

What about your huge investments in education; what actually informs your interest in the sector?

I am a priest, and as priests, we are ordained to participate in the pastoral aspects of the ministry by preaching the good news and feeding the poor. I discover that many people do not have the opportunity to enjoy quality Western education because of poverty. Again, I am aware that education is a great tool for economic and political empowerment. Education is an enabler – it is a tool that helps the son of a very poor man to become president and leader. So, when I discovered that some people do not enjoy the dividends of Western education because of poverty, I took it upon myself to build schools. Not just building schools but building the best of schools. When you talk about St. John Vienney Science College and Divine Rays British School, of course, the evidence is there that they are among the best of schools. As part of gesture to prove my deep and sincere love for education, I am sponsoring hundreds of pupils and students under my full scholarship scheme. I am always very happy when I see these young people who pass through my schools, and under my scholarship schemes becoming great. My vision in establishing these schools is that sooner or later, when you talk about the best medical doctors and best scientists, engineers and pilots in Nigeria, you talk about products of these schools.

What advice do you have for those in government considering the rate of unemployment, hardship and hunger in the land?

Those in government should understand that they are relevant and popular because of the people; not because of themselves. This is why democracy is defined as government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  What makes government relevant are the people. So, the welfare of the people should be the priority of government at any level. When those in government fail in the area of provision of welfarism, they have failed completely. Of course, Nigerian government has failed! What they need to do now is to adjust, and realize that they exist because of the people.

In November, you travelled for your annual oversea evangelism and outreach. What was the unique significance of the 2023 edition?

The Holy Ghost did a lot of miracles during the 2023 edition of our foreign evangelism and outreach. We witnessed a miracle at Heathrow Airport, London, where a young man who collapsed, and was at the point of death was raised miraculously. People all over the world are talking about it presently. Fr. Ebube Muonso was coming back from California, USA, through Heathrow Airport after our outreach in America. A certain man suddenly slumped in the airport, and almost died. It happened that this young man, son of a retired Mayor in the United Kingdom, with his wife went to the United States of America for their honeymoon; and when they were travelling back to UK, this man slumped at the airport. People did not help him.


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