AYGF suggests solutions to insecurity, economic hardship

The Africa Youth Growth Foundation (AYGF) has proffered solutions to the spate of insecurity and economic hardship bedeviling the country.

Its Executive Director, Dr Arome Salifu, who addressed journalists on the state of the nation and AYGF annual staff retreat, on Monday in Abuja, lamented that it was unfortunate that citizens wallow in poverty amid kidnapping and wanton killings.

To this end, Salifu told the government to formulate comprehensive policies that would synergise efforts to boost economic growth while simultaneously addressing security concerns, saying that it might include increasing targeted investments in key sectors like agriculture and infrastructure.

According to him, government should strengthen intelligence capabilities and foster collaboration among security agencies.

“We recommend the establishment of a coordinated and intelligence-driven approach to counter insecurity, involving information sharing and joint operations both at local and national levels and Increase investments in youth empowerment programs and skill development initiatives.

“The government should focus on equipping the youth with relevant skills for employment and entrepreneurship. This approach not only addresses economic challenges by fostering a skilled workforce but also mitigates the risk of youth involvement in criminal activities due to unemployment.

“The government should communicate openly about economic policies, budget allocations, and resource management at all fronts.

“With more effective measures to curb corruption and ensure that financial resources are utilised effectively for sustainable development, fostering public trust and contributing to economic stability.

“There should be community engagement and the establishment of effective conflict resolution mechanisms are very crucial.

“The government and key stakeholders should foster dialogue between communities, address grievances, and promote understanding.

“There should be investment in community development projects and initiatives that address the root causes of conflicts can contribute to lasting peace and stability, thereby creating an environment conducive to economic growth.

“Lastly, We urge the government to take decisive action on the crises surrounding the exchange rates of the naira and the dollar, as they significantly worsen Nigeria’s economic conditions through inflation.

“In tandem with this, we call upon Nigerians to support locally-made goods and services, contributing to the mitigation of these adverse effects on the economy.

“These recommendations collectively aim to address the intertwined challenges of economic development and insecurity in Nigeria, fostering a comprehensive and sustainable path towards progress.

“It is our hope that in 2024, despite the challenges from last year and earlier this month, Nigeria will see better days and that the government and other relevant stakeholders will see to it that we reach
the heights we are built to attain,” he added.


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