APC’ll not succumb to blackmail –Chukwueke

Director on Mobilization of Governor Hope Uzodimma’s campaign trail, chief Jerry Chukwueke has affirmed that their party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) will not allow any form of blackmail by its opposition to deter it from victory.

Chukwueke who addressed newsmen in Owerri on Monday said the detractors of the state government who usually hinge on insecurity to blackmail the achievements of the governor would not succeed.

According to Chukwueke, the opposition political parties who engaged in the use of insecurity to campaign were insensitive and indirectly de-marketing the state and scaring away investors.

He said: “We are not going to be blackmailed by anybody, the other governorship candidates who want to win an election by scaring away people using insecurity will not succeed with us.

“What they are doing is to blackmail Imo,  de-market Imo just to win election and it is not going to work. This is not good for our state. Let me say this, the blackmail with insecurity will not work.

“They are doing so,  because they don’t have issues to campaign with. They are different from us, for us we are interested in the big project to develop Imo.  A state where all of us will be proud of. 

“A state, people will come and enjoy and invest. We do not scare away our people. The way the opponents are trying to do, we will focus on the message and deliver it to our people.

Speaking on the State charter of equity, Chukwueke said: “We are committed to dealing the Imo charter of equity, we are with the entire Imo stakeholders and we put together the masterpiece called the Imo charter of equity.

“And we agreed that, this is the turn of Orlu zone. After that, the Owerri zone takes over. And the next is Okigwe zone. People are coming across political parties and buying into the Imo charter of equity. 

Because it is going to give us peace and quietness; this is an exciting time, and we are driving it for the betterment of our state.”

“So, we want to tell you that we are kicking off our campaign. We are starting with the federal constituencies and from there, we move to the next level. This is now a movement,” he said.




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