APC ‘ll apply scientific method to win future elections -Ganduje

National chairman of the All-Progressives Congress (APC), Abdullahi Ganduje, has said the ruling party would apply scientific methods to win all the future elections in the country.

Ganduje spoke during a solidarity rally in support of him and President Bola Tinubu by the Concerned North Central APC Stakeholders/Elders Forum at the party’s headquarters in Abuja yesterday.

He warned against any distraction in the structure of the party ahead of the preparations for the two off-season governorship elections in Edo and Ondo states, cautioning that it would not augur well for the party. The former governor of Kano State equally decried the abuses on President Tinubu, assuring that he would take the country out of the woods.

He said: “We promised that there will be electronic registration of membership of our party, which we have already started. It is so vital because democracy is changing and getting advanced in Nigeria. To win election, we need to consider so many variables. We need to have an accurate data with the necessary features that we can forecast, plan and calculate.

“Election nowadays is not a trial and error; it is scientific, and unless you are scientific, you are bound to fail. Also, we decided that in order for our party to have identity, a strong philosophy, and direction, we have gone far to establish the Progressive Institute for our party. This will educate and enlighten our members in the nitty gritty of democracy, the institutions that are in charge of election like the INEC, security agents, the political parties, and also to enlighten our monitors to see how far our manifesto is being implemented.

“We have to work together to assist President Tinubu in his effort to maintain peace and security in Nigeria. We want to thank him for his efforts in order to rebuild our economy which was so bad, but with his commitment, we believe our economy will be put in the right footing by the grace of God. The North-Central geopolitical zone is very important, because out of the six states, we have five for the APC, even the sixth we were about to get it but we have to accept whatever we met. A homogeneous geopolitical zone is not able to come together but a heterogeneous geopolitical zone is able to do that.

“In the recent elections in the three states, we were able to maintain our states of Imo and Kogi, but we narrowly lost Bayelsa State. In the recent bye- elections, we won more than 90 percent. We have Senators, House of Representatives, and State Assembly members.

“We have another election coming up in Edo and Ondo states, and we have focused our minds on that. So, any distraction in the structure of the party will not augur well for the party,” he warned.

Addressing the stakeholders during the rally, Ganduje said: “These assaults on the President are wrong. We believe we will soon be out of these problems. There is no doubt that there is an opposition, but we believe with your cooperation, we will not continue to listen to undesirable elements who are not focused, not real party men, and who want to see that we are in disarray.

“We have no place for that. We are people who are committed. We know we are forging ahead so we thank you for these resolutions. We thank you for your commitment,” he said.

The stakeholders, in a speech presented by former Senate President, Ameh Ebute, passed a vote of confidence in Ganduje, saying,  “We came to the conclusion that you tick all the boxes for a performing excellent chairman. Indeed, you are not just a performing chairman, but also one that has done the most in the shortest possible time, to positively impact individual members of our great party, while our party has also recorded impressive electoral strides bereft of rancour under your leadership. By these considerations, we, hereby, declare our unalloyed support for you to continue to manage the affairs of our great party, and to remain in office.”


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