A Chieftain of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, Kaduna State Chapter, Mazi Chris Emeka Oha has commended President Bola Tinubu and the Vice President, Alhaji Kashim Shettima over the appointment of Aides to VP’s office as approved by President Tinubu.
Mazi Oha who is the Vice President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo noted that the appointment was not only laudable, but deserving, especially those from the south east geopolitical zone, adding that, “it is meritorious and reassuring”.
In a statement on Friday, Ohanaeze chieftain specifically expressed satisfaction over the appointment of a public relations expert, Stanley Kingsley Nkwocha as Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Media & Communications as well as the Chief Spokesman of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“In a move to beef up the Vice President office and chairman of the National Economic Council, President Ahmed Bola Tinubu approved the appointment of new aides to the Vice President, Alhaji Kashim Shettima. All the appointees including the three columnists from Daily Trust Newspapers stable are erudite, consummate and soul pricking columnists. Their incisive analysis about the political & economic dynamics of Nigeria is simply captivating .
“Notable amongst the appointees is the appointment of an experienced , seasoned & cosmopolitan media and communications czar. A former political editor of the Leadership Newspapers and a public relations expert, Stanley Kingsley Nkwocha as Senior Special Assistant (SSA)on Media & Communications. In other words, the Chief Spokesman of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Nkwocha, a bridge builder, his unassuming posture, work ethics & knack for excellence in any assignments he undertakes is not only infectious but a corollary of several years of confidence building and undiluted belief in the indivisibility of Nigeria right from the University when he was Vice President of Nigeria Economics Students’ Association( NESA) between 2003 -2005 and a Special Adviser to the then SUG President in University of Maiduguri.

“A graduate of Economics from University of Maiduguri with a Masters in International Affairs & Diplomacy(MIAD) from Nigeria Defense Academy Kaduna capped with several local and international trainings in the USA and volatile parts of central ,East ,North and West Africa. A polyglot and a team player from Imo state, who understands and practices the basic ingredients of unity, consensus & Patriotism towards nation building.
“His appointment is believed to be apposite to the smooth functioning and professional dissemination of information in the Vice President’s office. Nkwocha will certainly bring finesse and panache to communications in governance at the highest level.

“It is a clear indication that the negative perceptions of the Vice President as a Boko Haram advocate is not only a ruse but a continuous negative action by some political nitwits to tar him with the brush of intolerance and falsity. His rising political profile amongst Nigerians who are seeing nothing but the truth now seems to be suffocating them. His recent sterling performance at the G77+ summit in Cuba seems to be giving them goose pimples. Is it not bewildering that despite this negative assertions, the current Chief Security Officer to the Vice President is Igbo and a Catholic Christian to the core for eight years as a Governor and now as Vice President .
“Another Igbo and Catholic Christian has now been appointed as the Chief Spokesman to the Vice President. Who is fooling who? Enough of this name calling and shenanigans. It is high time we called a spade by its name and nothing else. We must learn a lesson. A positive one for that matter”. The statement said.
The Ohanaeze chieftain also added that, “I may not know Kingsley Uzoma in person but his equal appointment as SSA on Agribusiness and Productivity enhancement is a masterstroke politically. Agribusiness is a burgeoning field. Politics is over. Governance , Policy formulation and implementation should take the front burner now so that Nigeria can take its rightful place.

“I commend both the President and Vice President for this laudable and deserving appointments of these eggheads especially those from the south east geopolitical zone. It is meritorious and reassuring”.

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