Adeboye to clerics: Pray for Nigerian leaders, don’t curse them

Religious leaders in the country have been admonished to refrain from cursing and fighting political leaders for their shortcomings or failed campaign promises, rather, they should continue to pray for them.

The Pastor-in-charge of region 12 of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Ogun Province 4, Richard Adeboye, gave the warning at the Halleluyah Mega Praise Night Season 2 at the Shimawa High School, Ogun State.

Adeboye noted that despite religious leaders fight and protest, nothing has changed, hence, the need for prayers, saying God put them on leadership seats to make life meaningful for the people.

The cleric insisted it was obvious that fighting the country leaders about the situation of the nation, was not the best option now.

He, therefore, urged the Nigerian leaders and followers to toe the way of righteousness, saying the solution was to return to God and seek His divine intervention.

Speaking on the theme of the Mega Praise, ‘Dominion’, Adeboye said Nigeria needs to have dominion of its affairs to avoid external forces to dictate to her.

“There is no nation like Nigeria. For the fact that we are still surviving is a symbol that God has created this nation in a very unique way and very soon, we shall shout victory at last.

“Nigerians should stand in the place of responsibility, because I have this philosophy that every possibility of God is compelled by the responsibility of man. Let’s do what we’re supposed to do. Let’s move closer to God. And let’s believe in God and whatever we need to do physically, let’s do it. We’re not saying we should protest or fight against the government. We have done that in the past, we didn’t win the battle. The Bible says the heart of the King is in the hand of God. If only we can talk to God that put them there, I believe things will change and very soon it will change.

“My message is that they should recognize the one that actually put them on the throne. We should stop fighting our leaders. The role of the church is to preach righteousness and establish integrity. If the world sees what we preach is what we are doing, I believe it will be go round and it will be contagious, and very soon, everybody will be affected.”

In his submission, the Pastor-in-charge of the Province, Felix Adekunle Kumapayi, linked Nigeria’s economic situation to that of Israel, saying only God could rescue the nation from both internal and external forces militating against the progress of the country.

Kumapayi urged Nigerian youths who have joined the ‘Japa’ syndrome to discover their place of dominion before relocating, else, they would become slaves in their space.

Special Assistant to the General Overseer in charge of Administration, Oladele Balogun, admonished Nigerians to move closer to God and refrain from using the yuletide to commit sins.


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