63rd Independence: NACCIMA seeks economic inclusivity, enabling environment


The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) says Nigeria must continue to strive toward economic inclusivity and create enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

The association’s National President, Mr Dele Oye, in a statement on Monday in Lagos, also called for transparency and accountability.

Oye said that such an atmosphere would empower individuals and uplift communities and ultimately lead to Nigeria’s economic progress.

“Our journey towards economic advancement has been marked by numerous challenges and promising achievements.

“We have witnessed a steady progress in our efforts to diversify our economy, reduce dependency on oil and embrace entrepreneurship as a catalyst for change.

“Today, we acknowledge the immense potential within our nation, abundant natural resources and the entrepreneurial spirit that we can harness for the betterment of all Nigerians,” he said.

The NACCIMA president urged business operators do not forget the importance of ethical business practices.

He added that they must uphold the values of integrity, fairness and professionalism in all interactions.

According to him, the values are critical to building a globally-competitive business community that attracts investment, fosters partnerships and expands presence on the international stage.

Oye tasked Nigerians to remind themselves of the remarkable potential that Nigeria possessed and reaffirm commitments to the country’s growth and prosperity.

He added that collaboration between the public and private sectors was essential to further enhance the country’s economic prospects.

“Let us remember that our nation’s progress is an ongoing endeavor.

“The challenges we face are significant, but our resolve is stronger.

“Let us continue to advocate for policies that stimulate investment, empower local industries and nurture innovation.

“Let us work diligently towards achieving a Nigeria that is economically vibrant, socially just, and environmentally sustainable,” he said.

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