Wike threatens to unseat lawmaker in 2027

Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has threatened to unseat an unidentified lawmaker for criticising his successes as the FCT Minister.

He made the threat during the inauguration of the construction of Mabushi Bus Terminal, Phase I, in Abuja, yesterday.

He said he overheard somebody, a lawmaker in the National Assembly on Arise TV castigating the successes being recorded in the FCT.

The minister said the lawmaker particularly criticised the rot in schools and the absence of quality hospitals in the territory.

“You, as a legislator, what have you done? How many bills have you sponsored for us to improve our education and health sector?

“I challenge that legislator. If you are very popular, in 2027, come and run under Abuja, we will fail you.

“Do you think that what happened last time will happen again? It will not happen again.

“Luckily for me, I am the FCT Minister now. So, that is my territory, and I’m not afraid,” he said.

Wike further said: “With all due respect, what you don’t know, you don’t know, what you know you know.

“The good thing for you is to tell people you don’t know when you don’t know, then people will educate you.

“The Minister of State, Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, and my humble self, have not been in office for more than 11 months and the person is angry that people are praising us.

“If you don’t want or you are angry about that, go and hang yourself in a transformer.

“If we have done well, we have done well. If we haven’t done well, we haven’t done well. I’m proud to say that in the short time that President Tinubu has appointed us, we have done well.”

The minister warned that if the unidentified lawmaker was angry with the praises they were receiving for doing a good job, “by next year, your blood pressure level will go very high. This is because the praises you would see would be too much.”

The minister spoke shortly after Senator Ireti Kingibe (LP-FCT) appeared on Arise TV, and complained that she was being sidelined in the running of the FCT.

She particularly claimed that her constituency was being marginalised, adding that there was no clean water for the residents of Abuja.

She also said roads being constructed across the FCT were not addressing the needs of the majority of the people, namely healthcare, water, education and security.


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