State House rewards top performing staff, names new perm secs

The State House has recognised and rewarded 38 staff members for their hard work and dedication. A clerical officer, Innocent Ekhobhiye, won the Vice President’s N1 million award for outstanding productivity.

Additionally, the Permanent Secretary, Olufunso Adebiyi, announced that three of the eight new Permanent Secretaries appointed by President Tinubu were from the State House Clinic.

They are Dr, Obi Vitalis, Dr. Emanso Okop, and Dr Keshinro Maryam Ismaila.

Adebiyi reiterated the State House’s commitment to acknowledging and rewarding staff who demonstrate excellence.

He also stressed the importance of staff training and healthcare, noting that over 500 employees have been trained on the State House’s digitalisation programme.

Deputy Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Hadeja, congratulated the award recipients and explained that the financial reward was meant to further encourage staff to add value to their work.

“It is very wonderful to meet the men and women, who form the backroom and operations of the State House. Most times, it is only the political appointees that are visible, but those who do the heavy lifting behind the scenes are not known and recognised.

“I thank the Permanent Secretary for creating this opportunity for staff to be recognised, and I trust this is something that we can do from time to time to keep up your spirits, and keep you motivated.

“We absolutely appreciate the work you are doing in the State House,” he said.

After the 38 awardees received their certificates and a wrapped gift from the State House, they each picked a wrapped note from a basket.

The staff member, who picked the note with “yes” won the N1 million prize money.

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