I’m better than many artists, they’re just lucky – Bella Shmurda

Popular singer, Bella Shmurda has bragged that he is better than many Nigerian artists.

He said most of the musicians making waves in the country are not really talented but “just lucky.”

The ‘Cash App’ crooner in a recent interview, boasted that he doesn’t beg for collaborations because he is more talented than many artists in the country.

Bella Shmurda said, “I don’t like teasing people [about my upcoming collaborations]. I have an experience; I made song with this person and when I was going to release the song they were like, ‘Yo, he is not ready.’

“Me I’m that kind of person that doesn’t like to get backlash from people. Me gon I get talent pass you, you just get name pass me. You fit just get name pass me but I get talent pass you. Personally, I don’t like to chase people. So people I work with are people I have connection with and we have a good relationship. And if not that, I do my thing on my own.”


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